The Russian Push-Up Workout

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#1 DevilinDetail on 3 years ago

So this is a workout I've gotten into lately, due to a number of reasons. Gym fees are too expensive, I don't really have the time to dedicate to going to the gym, and I want to bulk up quickly so I can stop looking like a bag of sticks before my next convention comes up. And I have found real, legitimate success with this! After the two-week regime, I've gained about half an inch on my arms and chest area. Let me explain to you how it works, and why it's good, and wow I sound like an ad.

Basically, the Russian Push-Up Workout relies on doing a lot of pushups. You follow this chart below.

So basically at the start of each week, you do as many pushups as you can in one sitting. You use this to set your RI, or relative intensity, and do it every SF. Within reason, of course. Generally whenever I'm home or on break at work or between classes, I try to get out the allotted pushups.

So say I start week 1. I finish the 100% test, and do 20 pushups successfully. For day 1, I would do 30% of that every 60 minutes(within reason; obviously, you don't have to sacrifice sleep for this, but the more the better); so 20 x 0.3 (30%) = 6 pushups every 60 minutes. For the next day, 10 pushups every 60 minutes, and so forth.


Mon: 100% test, relative intensity (RI) 30% Set frequency (SF) 60 min
Tues: RI 50% SF 60 min
Wed: RI 60% SF 45 min
Thurs: RI 25% SF 60 min
Fri: RI 45% SF 30 min
Sat: RI 40% SF 60 min
Sun: RI 20% SF 90 min


Mon: 100% test RI 35% SF 45min
Tues: RI 55% SF 20 min
Wed: RI 30% SF 15 min
Thurs: RI 65% SF 60min
Fri: RI 35% SF 45 min
Sat: RI 45% SF 60 min
Sun: RI 25% SF120 min


Mon: 100% test

Now, the reason this works is that promotes sarcoplasmic hypertrophy while breaking down the contractile proteins. In english, it basically artificially inflates your muscles. But it's not completely useless for those not working out, either! This artificial inflation caused by "sarcoplasmic hypertrophy" makes it easier to develop actual muscle later on. Supposedly. I'm not all too sure on that, but me and many people on the internet can vouch for it bulking you up, about half an inch to an inch in perimeter for your arms/chest.

You also should see a visible increase in the amount of pushups you can do through the workout, too.

But yeah. This has worked out really well for me, and I might repeat it again in another week or two when I'm less sore. If you're willing to work hard and need to bulk fast, I recommend this!

(P.S. While correct form is obviously good, it'll still work as long as you're consistent with your form. Although, y'know, it might not be as healthy for other reasons.)

(P.P.S. I know it can get really insane in the 2nd week. I slacked off a little. Might still work for you, too.)

#2 tyciol on 1 year ago

Why is it called Russian? What do you think of [url][/url] advice?