Need Advice!

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  • I'm going to cosplay Ryuko Matoi (klk) for a con coming up in a bit and I'm in between who to buy from right now.

    There's two different buyers I'm currently looking at on ebay and I'm....really bad at judging reliability.

    Currently I'm leaning towards this one due to how quickly it can ship


    But there's also this one that I've been looking at, as well (idk how to make the links shorter....oops)


    I'm nervous because the last time I ordered a cosplay on ebay (from a different buyer) I gave my measurements (even upped a little) in cm and inches and it turned up to be way too small! I'm a little strapped for time as well, since I'm looking for something that can be here before the end of June......

  • Alternatively, does anyone know if EZcosplay is reliable and good to order an outfit off of? they also have the ryuko outfit and they offer custom sizings.....