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#1 KittiMewMew on 2 years ago

Ok. So, I'm really starting to get into this whole cosplay thing. I suffer from anxiety and depression issues and when I found cosplay, I realized that I could escape from reality for a while and step into the world of a character. I feel that I have found my second calling in life(besides reptiles).

A long while ago I got it into my head to start a YouTube channel. At first it was going to be gaming, then I decided maybe do some random vlogs. But then it hit me relatively recently. Why not do a channel primarily based around cosplay? I did exactly that. Er. Well. Kind of. It's still in the works yet.

What I want to do is make videos of various cosplay related things as well as some non-cosplay stuff. Vlogs, costume and prop builds, featuring various shops, con highlights product reviews and more. I'll do an occasional off-topic vlog or an occasional subscription box unboxing but it's primarily cosplay based.

This has been a dream of mine for ages now but I can't seem to get it off the ground. I recently got a new and better computer so I feel I can start something.

I have a problem though.

You see, I'm currently in the process of finding a job which basically means I'm flat broke(I live with my mom). I'm thinking maybe trying a fundraiser just to get the camera and a couple other pieces(tripod at least). Before you beat me over the head, I can't turn to most of my friends and family for support. My family(other than my mom) aren't really all that supportive. I could talk to my friends and see what they say but I'm pretty sure I know their answers. So I'm stuck hanging out on a limb.

And then I thought 'Why not the cosplay community? Why not try it out or at least find out?'

Thus bringing me here to a cosplay community.

I'm just seeking out an opinion. That's all. It may be bad for my already fragile mind but maybe it could tell me whether or not it's worth it.

Here's my question:

If I(or anyone for that matter) made a fundraiser to raise a small amount for a project like mine, would anyone be willing to support the cause of a complete stranger?

I know you don't know me and I don't know you but I can't not at least find out.


P.S - So I don;t get beat up over it, I'm not doing the channel for the fame or fortune. I'm doing it because I want to.

#2 WingsofAngels48 on 2 years ago

No harm in putting up a gofundme or a kickstart :)

#3 DanArt on 2 years ago

Still flat broke?

Restaurant job
Store job
City Job
State job

#4 Milky Bubbles on 2 years ago

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 2 years ago

I'll second everything Milky said about using a gofundme/kickstarter, but here's a helpful suggestion on obtaining some camera equipment- do you have any lending libraries in your area? When I was growing up (also flat broke) I was able to borrow musical instruments and camera equipment for an extremely low price from one (basically just a security deposit that was given back if the item was returned on time and not broken) which allowed me to do projects when I had no money for buying things myself. If you're in school, be it college or high school, most will also allow students to borrow camera equipment if there's a program that makes use of film or still cameras. There's also plenty of rental places, but those don't tend to be worth the cost if you're really strapped for cash.
Also, hit up craigslist, kijiji, yard sales etc. You can often snag really cheap A/V equipment. You don't need a $1000+ video camera to make YT videos (my boyfriend is a videographer and HIS cameras didn't even cost that much!), the cheap yard sale camcorder for $10 would definitely work fine.
Or- do you have a decent camera on your phone? A LOT of people use that for filming and the quality is surprisingly good on the nicer smartphones. I use an old iphone and it's better than my ACTUAL camera.

#6 Jei-Cos on 2 years ago

Hey there. I know your EXACT situation..Why? Because that's literally me..My channel does basically the same thing you're talking about. Cosplay/convention related content. I even did the gaming too before deciding to stick to only cosplay/cons. It's a little eerie how similar our situations are. BUT I also didn't have money for an amazing camera and lighting and all that stuff. I ended up getting money to buy a camera and mic before I started doing videos that pointed at me (I did like, 6 unboxings or something before I got the better camera). I went on offerup (an app where you sell your unwanted items), and pawn shops looking for cameras. I found a Canon that was pretty dang good, and it was only $80 from someone on offerup, whereas the camera I bought later that I mentioned, was $500..So you can find great deals that way. And if you aren't comfortable with meeting a seller (similar to craigslist, and we all have those fears), you can always go to pawn shops. They will typically have a section specifically for digital cameras. For a YouTube channel, I'd highly recommend a DSLR, and make sure it has a port for a microphone (in case you don't know, this is a DSLR [url][/url] This is just a google search..)
Finding one with a mic port is the real problem. The cheaper older ones won't have them. but it's worth looking at the pawn shops in your area, and stuff just in case. Then you can just get a cheap mic. I use a Bower mic ([url][/url]) and it works just fine.

Another option, which I also use, is a camcorder. I have the sony vixia hf r700, and it has a mic port. It also records really good video quality. It's $200 new, but used I bet you can get a good deal on it.

One thing you wanna do that I didn't, though, is try to get a camera that has a screen you can pop out and face toward yourself. MUCH easier to know where you are in frame and see if there's any focus issues.

Another great idea, is to watch youtube tutorials on starting a channel. I've never seen one about how to do much of anything with a cosplay/con channel, but the general tips help. You can also find tips on equipment when you're broke. That's where you'll really get some good info right now. One thing I learned is this..Just start. Don't worry about the equipment right now. You have a smartphone? That thing can do better video than many of the older cameras you might find for dirt cheap. Get a little tripod and a phone holder for the top, and boom, that'll be good until you can get a camera/mic. Record in the daytime, facing a window. Boom, good lighting. And for vlogging, get a simple $5 selfie stick at walmart. You can also record tutorials this way. Use the tripod and phone holder, and aim it the same way you would a normal camera. It won't have the BEST audio, but it's better than nothing at all.

I know I probably said a lot of stuff that you won't need to know right now, but I'm sure it's not a bad thing to help anyway lol If you need more help, feel free to PM me. I'm also helping my friend with this same thing so....