True Sephiroth Project

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#1 Kerkyon on 4 years ago

Hi FF Fans,
Today I realized my first step to become the true Sephiroth on earth.
I received from the blacksmith he accepted this work my Fully Functional Masamune, 1.80m long, hand forged crafted! It's really the exact replica 1:1 :)
You can find it out here more about the whole project:



Now next step is crafting the REAL wig and REAL Costume. I asked a few Crafters on this website, waiting for replies.

But if anyone got an hint, feel free to share :) (especially about a blacksmith who can craft in iron/metal the Sephiroth shoulder's armor)


#2 Jei-Cos on 4 years ago

Best replica I've seen so far. Most replicas have an incorrect Tsuka Wrapping color....Usually red..No idea why, but they are lol
Can't wait to see more. Are you planning on using metal for the armor and leather for the jacket and harness..belt..thing..? I haven't seen one with both. I've seen metal armor with vinyl/pleather and real leather with non metal armor, but not both together yet lol

#3 Kerkyon on 4 years ago

Thank you! Yes, I really wanted to have an unique piece and crafted exactly as intented. It's fully sharped and built with 3 type of iron =)

I definitely want to go for metal for the armor. Sadly the blacksmith who made the masamune can't help me, they do only swords. So this will be another challenge to take ;)

I want to be the true Sephiroth on earth haha! =) I tried to ask around some cosplay crafter now, waiting for replies... i really hope I can find somebody who can do it properly.
I'm not rich, but i want to spare and put the right amount of money to create the real thing.

I'm a bit cautious because I was scammed once from a crafter =/ but it's time to overcome my fears and try again ^^


#4 Yog0 on 3 years ago

That is one cool sword!