Help - Cindy Moon Silk Costume

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#1 summerangel on 3 years ago


I have been looking around online for a while now at Cindy Moon / Silk costumes and I was wondering if any one had a little feedback and advice for me.

I have seen 2 pattern variations one from Gun Head Designs and the other from Spider Bite Designs. Does anyone have any experience purchasing from either. I think the Spider Bite Designs version is more accurate to what I am looking for. [URL=""][/URL]
I want this design [URL="[/URL] and it looks like theirs has the black across the shoulders and up the hips.

Also I have found heroestime and zentaizentai as places to then get the design made up into a costume. I have never done this before so I was wondering if any one had used these companies and what you thought of them. Or is there someone else that you have used that you would recommend.

Thanks so much!