Star Butterfly Silver Bell Ball Gown(?) Assistance!

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#1 kittearose on 2 years ago

Hello!! I'm trying to make Star's dress as seen in the trailer where she's dancing with Tom (MY BB AHHHH)! I'm relatively new to sewing and am wondering how to approach her dress? Such as which fabrics to use and if there are any good patterns? Also, her blouse looks "fluffy" to me (neckline pattern) and I'm not sure how to achieve that (or how to come close to it?):O

Here are some reference photos!!
emphasis on the neckline


Thank you in advance <3

#2 Mithrenniel on 2 years ago

Generally I'd recommenced linking to a bigger picture As for fluffy, poofy blouses, I recommend light cottons for the look with just a mild but of ruching if you feel appropriate. Honestly, her outfit looks pretty similar to a EGL dress. You could probably modify an Otome No Sewing pattern.

#3 Celeste_Orchid on 1 year ago

fabrics Id say get a nice satin in periwinkle but NOT costume satin...

patterns since you're new, try something like this [url][/url]

i know its a bit gimmicky but this is pretty close and then you can just cut out the neckline how you need it to be.

then theres something like this [url][/url]

you can always modify patterns as well ;)