Maria (Silent Hill 2) skirt help?

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#1 HallowsGrace on 1 year ago

The skirt is ready aside from the following "belt" type details, and I have no idea how to approach that issue. ;_; I'd like it to follow as close to the game as possible, but I know there's a good chance it might land up looking a little different. This is my first real attempt at customizing clothing on such a scale, so I feel a little outta my depth here.

[url][/url] <- Point of reference for what I'm currently babbling about, haha. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

#2 lunaflora on 1 year ago

It's hard to see since the detail is small. But I would just either sew the belts directly onto the skirt, or make thread chains to act as belt loops where the belts should be, and put the belts on that way.

#3 Scunosi on 1 year ago

Pretty sure at least one of those is just a decorative belt. A lot of ready-to-wear women's fashion is rife with them, even on dresses (where there's literally no functional reason for a belt). I'd just get some belts at a thrift store (or make your own with fabric to match the colors) and as Luna said just sew on small loops (just like they do with the R2W stuff) that'll hold them in place.

I am having a hard time telling if those gold discs are decorative buttons or dangle from the second belt, but maybe that's just 'cuz my last cosplay also have giant gold buttons on her.

On closer review the top green line may not be a belt but maybe a decorative stitch? With some bigger, closer pictures we should be able to determine that or not though.

#4 HallowsGrace on 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the advice, I've been at a loss on how to progress any further with this.

Sadly, that's the best quality of picture I can find for her skirt with everything being clear, not all foggy or blurry. ;_; Those are gold discs that dangle from the second belt. I'm thinking of going with a pet disc you can get for puppies and kittens and either painting or spraying them gold instead of silver.

Attaching those chains feels like it's gonna be an absolute nightmare! But I won't know anything unless I try.

Thanks again!

#5 CosplayPatterns on 1 year ago

Your link gives a great description of the belts. Also, click on Maria for more detail pictures, like [URL=""]this [/URL] [URL=""]this[/URL] & [URL=""]this[/URL].
[QUOTE]On her skirt Maria wears two "belts". One is nothing but a teal band right underneath the top edge of the skirt.
The other belt is a golden chain on the front half of the skirt, to which three golden charms are attached.
These do have a pattern on them which looks like the eagle on the back of an American quarter. Still those charms are not actual quarters since they are way bigger than the coins. The charms on the skirt are bigger than the one on the choker, except for the one on her far right. The chain-belt is attached to the skirt with a longish, rectangular clip on her left side and a round clip on her right side.

This is what I think the gold belt to be made from [URL=""]Herringbone chain [/URL] and you only need one that goes side to side, not all the way around the skirt.
[URL=""]This one[/URL] is close it even has a coin on it XD
Add your own coin/charms like you said even check out the toy section of dollar stores for large novelty coins.
To attach the belt all you need is to add two small loops for the belt to pass through or clip on to, like [URL=""]here[/URL]

The [URL=""]teal belt[/URL] can be picked up for a couple bucks

#6 HallowsGrace on 1 year ago

:D Thank you so much for that! I've never been good at identifying jewellery specifics. ;_; If I can't find anything in the UK which is close to this, I'll simply ship it in. :'D