Zombie killer Sasuke

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#1 justsofullofit on 3 years ago


I need some advice with my current cosplay (for next month!) I'm posting some pics so hopefully they show up. Some things I havent done yet but need some help figuring out what to do with them: should I make the whole sword white or just the hilt then the blade silver, mask or no mask, different outer shirt? Tattoo ideas for forearms

I'm going to get an uchiha fan tee online and won't be wearing the necklace, the pants will be plain black jeans too instead of in the pic.

Thanks :)

[URL="https://m.facebook.com/mel.car.92/posts/pcb.1233509056769033/?photo_id=1233508600102412&mds=/photos/viewer/?photoset_token=pcb.1233509056769033&photo=1233508600102412&profileid=100003298527199&source=48&cached_data=false&ftid=u_ps_0_0_3&mdf=1"]Facebook photos will hopefully work like this[/URL]

#2 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

Sadly, your link doesn't work properly.

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