Fake lashes vs Lash extensions

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#1 CarolBear on 3 years ago

Hey everyone,

This year for my cosplays I've been wanting to experiment with my lashes. And I know fake lashes are very popular for cosplay make up but I've never used them before (so I'm worried about messing them up) so I've also been trying to research lash extensions as well to try instead, if I find that the reviews for it are better.

What do you all think? Because lash extensions (depending on the type I pick) could have the same effect as fake lashes, right? It will last longer than fake lashes (as In I wouldn't have to take them off and reapply them each day of the con). Or maybe I'm wrong and the lash extensions won't give me the volume and style I need for cosplay?

Has anyone experimented with both? What are your opinions?

#2 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Most people use fake eyelashes because it's like, $4 per box, versus eyelash extensions which can get super pricey. Local salons in my area charge about $400 for a full set! That's crazy ridiculous. So if you can afford it, go right ahead! They do look super natural, and you dont have to worry about them falling off- but most cosplayers can't afford it, hence dealing with the fake ones haha.

#3 Ion on 3 years ago

What you choose should depend highly on your desired look. Here are a few things to consider.
Pros of false lashes:
1.) They allow you to change up your "lash looks" if you are doing a variety of characters e.g. sweet & innocent, sexy & sultry, then a crossplay etc. versus how you want to look everyday.
2.) False lashes and proper adhesive are a "1 and Done" kind of deal and you can get decent lashes for a few dollars a pair on up.
3.) Typical false lashes and a tube of adhesive are cheaper than extensions

Cons of false lashes:
1.) They take some practice to apply but it's much easier when you start with a good adhesive - I recommend Duo brand. There are also tools to help you align and apply the lashes easily so it's not so bad - also, check out Youtube tutorials for help!
2.) You will need to reapply them each day (but if you're changing the character look, this isn't really a con)
Pros of Lash Extensions:[/B]
1.) These are a longer-lasting option that can be customized based on the lashes you have and the look you want
2.) You go into a salon and someone applies them for you, no skill on your part required!
3.) No daily application required

Cons of Lash Extensions:
1.) Require special procedures e.g. avoid oil-based cleansers, moisturizers, makeups etc as that can weaken adhesive etc. etc. there is a list of rules to help extensions last longer.
2.) Just like coloring your hair, lash extensions require touchups every so often. Not a "1 and Done" deal here.
3.) Cost of initial visit + touchups is going to be more than a few pairs of false lashes and glue. Salon pricing will vary by region.

This is a pretty good article about things to consider and definitely read the comments section as there are many good perspectives on pros and cons of extensions.[url]https://intothegloss.com/2016/07/eyelash-extensions-pros-and-cons/[/url]
If extensions are the way you want to go, have a look around at local salons, check pricing and look for cleanliness and professionalism. Any salon worth visiting will be glad to answer initial questions etc. before taking your money.

Have you ever tried those fiber mascaras? They can be applied to natural or any kind of false lash/extension for even more wow factor.

#4 CarolBear on 3 years ago

Thanks for all the information! From what the both of you said I feel like probably fake lashes would probably be the best option for me because of my budget and it is less maintenance than the lash extensions, I just assumed it would be easier but I feel like in the long run you really need to be aware of any products you use which could be tiresome.

Thank you both! You've helped me reach a decision! The pros and cons were especially helpful!

#5 Bobbi on 3 years ago

Falsies all the way.

Here's a trick I learned! The key to getting lashes to stick is to make sure the glue is tacky. People will often apply it directly to the lash and waft it around. But it doesn't work as nicely and in the end you'll probably have to redo your eye makeup and walk out with red puffy eyes. This has happened many a time for me.

Take some good eyelash glue, such as Duo or Ardell and put a bit on the back of your hand. Let it sit and warm up with your body heat as you put makeup on another part of your face. I'll usually do my foundation and eye makeup first then move on to brows or contouring/blush and then come back for lashes.

Take some tweezers (I use[URL="https://www.tdiinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/127-SA-I.gif"] spatula tip tweezers[/URL] which can be found in craft shops) and then run the lash through the glue. It's perfect when you get little strings of sticky glue. Dab a little extra on the tips. Now with the tweezers, bring it up to your eyelash and then attach to the middle. I use my fingernails to get the edges adhered right at the lashline, and then going back with the tweezers, squeeze the falsies and the natural lashes together. If you goof up or notice it peeling, sometimes you can fix it by getting a little of the tacky lash glue and sticking it to the area that's popping up and squeeze again with the tweezers.

Usually I'll get my lashes on at the first try using this method rather than the 7th or 8th by just putting it on the lash and waiting.

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