Sisters Cosplay

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#1 giraffegirl5 on 2 years ago

Okay so here's the scenario.
I am going to be going a school in about a year upstate,and so I asked my little sister if she'd cosplay with me for Savannah Mega Comic Con and she didn't say no- so I'm thinking it's a possibility.
Anyways I was thinking of doing marvel themed- either me as genderbent Loki and my sister as genderbent Thor, or me as genderbent Steve Rogers and my sister as genderbent Bucky.
Only problem is I think I wanna be Loki but my sister would DEFINITELY want to be Bucky- he's her favorite character.
Who do you think we should do? A Thor/avengers cosplay or a Captain America: the winter soldier cosplay?

#2 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

Why not do both your favorites? Have her do Bucky as Capt America (he's given the shield after Steve becomes director of SHIELD) and she can "fight" you as Loki.