Using fabric glue?

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#1 sadievic on 1 year ago

Hello guys! I'm currently working on a Batman animated series Harley Quinn cosplay. I'm about to put the diamonds onto the bodysuit, I was going to sew them on but I was thinking using fabric glue would be easier and simple to use, so i want to use fabric glue instead. Would you guys recommend this and if so what brand would you recommend. I also have another question, I'm using a fabric that is 90% polyester and 10% spandex, but would using fabric glue not allow the diamonds to stretch? I will post a reference image below. Many thanks in advance :)


#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

This is the only case where I approve of fabric glue, it's what it was truly intended for.
Stretch the garment over something, like a cardboard cut out roughly your shape. Glue and [I]leave to dry on the cardboard.
NOTE: if you use too much glue, it may soak through and glue your garment to the cardboard, therefore cover your cardboard with something easily peeled away like saran wrap or wax paper.

#3 sadievic on 1 year ago

Ahh thank You! I appreciate the response :)

#4 nathancarter on 1 year ago

E6000 Fabri-Fuse fabric glue (not to be confused with regular ol' E6000 contact cement). It's flexible and stretchable.