Military Dress Uniform Cosplay

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#1 08sabbj on 6 years ago

I've got a couple of cons coming up soon and I'd prefer not to go in my civvies although at the same time I'm not really into (or very good at) making things, nor do I particularly want to buy anything new atm.

What I do have is some Cold War memorabilia as I went through a dieselpunk/atompunk stylistic phase a couple of years ago and I have a full East German Volkspolizei formal dress uniform. Now, I have seen some people dressed up in military stuff at conventions before but usually it's more gritty modern stuff like BDU's and helmets and what-not, so I was wondering whether or not it would be acceptable to wear an old Commie parade uniform to a cosplay/anime/game convention? Maybe some of you veterans can help me out with this.:)

P.S. There are pictures of the uniform on this thread: [url][/url]

#2 moosedoom on 6 years ago

I think it would be alright. You do see old uniforms worn on occasion to your run of the mill convention.

#3 melgibbs on 6 years ago

Ship-inspired shoes....Tank-inspired belt....Jet-inspired

#4 melgibbs on 6 years ago

Try this [url][/url] :)

#5 Star Schnauzer on 6 years ago

You can try army/navy type stores or online. I have made my Stargate costumes from those type of stores and ebay. And on ebay there are plenty of people selling Soviet badges, patches and uniforms.

#6 Power Costumes on 6 years ago

We carry similar uniform costumes by Forum Novelties

ie [URL=""]World War II Private Adult Costume[/URL] For a real uniform think army supply or even pawn shops

#7 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

i agree with melgibbs and 08sabbj.
that simple costume idea. try it!