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#1 DeathByPiano on 5 years ago

Hi all :)
So I'm planning on doing a female version of Hades because I think he's awesome and was wondering what you guys think of my design and hoping to get some advice on a few things.

This is my dress design at the moment-
Does anyone know of a good pattern I could use? This will be my first time making a dress so the less modifications I have to make to the pattern the better.

For the wig I really wish I could do something like this-
But I haven't the faintest idea on how to do it >.<
I never style my own hair and haven't tried styling a wig yet either so some suggestions for something simpler would be great.
I was considering getting the Matilda wig from Arda wigs in electric blue and maybe one of the braids.. What do you all think?

#2 Fantacap on 5 years ago

I definitely think that you could achieve a similar look with the Matilda wig and a curling iron!! To get that lifted effect that the hair picture you posted has, after curling the wig, you could clip it up with an alligator clip on the underside, letting the rest of the hair fall over top of the clip.

Alternatively, if you wanted less styling, I would suggest Arda's Victoria wig. It's not lace front, but you could easily style the bangs away from the face.

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