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#1 VanderPhoto on 5 years ago

I have two separate areas of photographs when it comes to cosplay. The spontaneous and the photoshoots. The first two are both spontaneous, the second are from planned shoots. I would appreciate honest critiques about all four and will return the favor to any who would like it returned.






#2 Cylverxz on 5 years ago

The first two are okay for hall shoots, I like the third one, looks awesome!
The last one though, I would put more light to the subject or darkened the background...
or block the light from the left side (subject's right) and put some more light on the right --would probably give more mysterious vibe c:

#3 Sufida on 5 years ago

1) Awesome, but they are kind of dark and have this "eehhhh i'm not ready/feeling good about this" face.

2) It's okay. You put some thought into it, but the subjects aren't wearing anything too sophisticated and there is people in the background.

3) I don't really like this, but the above guy does.

4) Now we're talking. The only noticeable problem I see is that their finger is cut off at the bottom.

The subjects here aren't wearing anything too complex so they weren't very intriguing except for maybe the first and last. Some of your other photos on your page like this are pretty good [url]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152090895141369&set=pb.143844121368.-2207520000.1390409414.&type=3&permPage=1[/url] but you gotta watch out when it comes to cutting off peoples limbs.

#4 VanderPhoto on 5 years ago

Thank you both! That actually really helps me figure out some small adjustments to make for Katsucon.

#5 fam-cosplayphotographer on 5 years ago

I like your composition, maybe on your 1st one (jack frost?) id want her head a little higher up on the frame but I see why you did it (the stick) no biggie...I like them.
Your editing is more natural and almost like its left alone. Its probably more of a taste preference..but I LOVE to boomify photos to make them pop...contrast, vibrance, messing with the shadows, blacks and whites. At any rate good work keep it up!

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