Anime Boston Hotels?

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#1 ndistasio on 5 years ago

This is my first time making a thread so please tell me if I do anything wrong.
I'm currently planning to go to Anime Boston 2015 since I can't go this year. My only concern is that I plan to stay the whole weekend plus the Thursday before so that I'm not rushing to get things done (badge, unpacking, etc...). However, hotel costs are at least $230 (I can't remember exactly for the Sheraton) per night. I'd be staying for 3 nights, that's almost $700 if there's no discount that weekend.
My question is: is it worth trying to find another group to share a room with? I'm concerned that if we decide to split the cost, they will ditch us and we won't have enough money. Also, is it worth dealing with a bunch of people getting ready in the morning?
Thnx in advance!

#2 Randommerade on 5 years ago

Well you have to find a group of people you trust, not just for your money but your safety too, you don't want to get hurt by someone you found online, also this way they will be less likely to ditch you though I have never heard of that happening, I would suggest friends or mutual friends of people you know, though yes you can always resort online if you have no other choice, but if they seem sketchy to you I wouldn't invite them with you.

Also dealing with a bunch of people, really depends on the type of person you are. Usually it's a fun time though, and if there's something you're having trouble with on your cosplay (like there's a makeup spot you can't reach or you can't get your wig to stay perfect, etc) they will most likely be happy to help each other out. You should plan ahead however, and all decide on a time to wake up, etc.

Hope to see you Anime Boston 2015 :)

#3 ndistasio on 5 years ago

Thnx for the help! And hopefully it all works out. :)

#4 Sayoria on 5 years ago

Another tip. If you know anyone who works in the hotel biz, you can probably work something better out. I actually met a girl online over a year ago, and I found out she works at a Marriott. When I told her Anime Boston was coming so I would be away for a weekend, she asked about if I stay overnight, and I said yeah and at a Marriott. She told me she worked at one, and could get me a friends and family discount. She tried last year, and sadly, she couldn't do it. THIS YEAR however, she managed to. At first, the room cost for the Marriott was 240, then 269.... and I think it's 299 now. Her discount has us booked at 169 a night, and she says it can get better if she can get the family discount running, and we pretend i am her brother, so she's watching that for me now. (She rocks, lol...) .... so, I highly recommend, asking around friends and family, if you know anyone who works in the hotel biz. It could save you a nice few hundred.

#5 KoalaKidd on 5 years ago

Depending on your comfort with navigating, it's also worth it to check out hotels in the area. If you're okay with not being right on top of the activities, there are cheaper hotels in the vicinity. My bf and I are staying at the Boston Park Plaza, which is less than 10 minutes to the Hynes by T, and a twenty minute walk. (It's also where the formal ball is being held this year!)
The prices there are quite reasonable, starting at $130-145 per night, and I believe there are other similarly priced hotels close by.

#6 ChidoriLove89 on 5 years ago

Well I went to and found a smoking deal on a Hilton which is right across the street from the convention center. Rooms are normally $240/night and I got it for $120. I would definitely check out the hotel deal sites, since sometimes you can find great hotels that are close and on discount! :)