Help with finding items for this cosplay?

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#1 Watsonogus on 6 years ago

Hello! So I wasn't sure where to put this exactly, and I hope this is fine. But I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find something similar to the following items from this picture. Thanks c:

-Pink cardigan
-Glasses (without prescription)


#2 westen182 on 6 years ago

You can probably find glasses like that ay any store that sells reading glasses. Claire's might even have a pair too cause I know they sell a variety of fake glasses.
For the bow tie I say check amazon or even Hot Topic (in the Doctor Who section).
And the undershirt, it ooks fully black to me, again try searching on amazon. You might be able to find one. If not take a white shirt similar to it and dye it the color needed.
As for the cardigan, I don't know if you'll be able to find the exact design but try checking department stores. They sell items like that often in their womens department and juniors department. Also check amazon again.
I know I mentioned Amazon a lot in this but, in all honesty it's where I find most of the items I need for cosplay :)
Good luck!

#3 EmiBubble on 6 years ago

For the cardigan I found this to be similar [URL=""]this link[/URL] or [URL=""]this[/URL], although it doesn't have the pockets. The tie needs the adjustment thingy so [URL=""]here[/URL], I'm pretty sure you can figure out the black shirt yourself, but if you are buying it off the internet make sure that it is thick enough (not chiffon or anything light)
PM me for more info

#4 EmiBubble on 6 years ago

Look for cardigan that has a knit in it, such as [URL=""]this[/URL] and get a bow tie that is adjustable [URL=""]like this[/URL]
PM me for more input