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#1 Yami/Kaiba on 5 years ago

Name: Yvonne
Hotel: Town and Country Resort (Mission Valley)
Dates: Wednesday, July 23 to Monday, July 28
Price: Either $287.00 or $229.00 depending on one more or two more people
Type of Room: standard room
Contact: Either private message or email me at [email][email protected][/email]

Co-ed room (3 females) looking for one or two room mates for a room on the shuttle route, where buses pick others up from Mission Valley. It is a floor spot, but my friend is willing to bring blow up mattresses.

I'll be asking for payment around before or on Comic Con. If you can't pay then you can't stay. It would be considered a deposit to make sure that you are committed. Individual(s) must be over 18, preferably at least 21.

If interested please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

#2 TerraRising on 5 years ago

If the room isn't full, are you willing to accommodate someone only staying in San Diego for two nights?

#3 Yami/Kaiba on 5 years ago

I'm sorry, but it has to be for the entire time that is stated.

#4 TerraRising on 5 years ago

That's alright. Thanks for replying.

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