Luffy Punk Hazard

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#1 jesslovessnoopy on 3 years ago

Hi, I really want to do a Luffy cosplay for winter, but since it will be cold, I don't want to wear my Enies Lobby cosplay. I've decided to try to make Luffy's Punk Hazard outfit, but have a few questions, specifically about the coat.

Luffy's Outfit:



1. I'm not sure what kind of material I should use to make the coat. I want it to be lightweight in case I start to get kind of warm, so would flannel be a good material to use?

2. I can't find fabric that has stripes as big as the ones on the coat, so I was wondering how I can make the stripes? I don't really want to use fabric paint as I feel like that would make the fabric kind of stiff. I thought about maybe sewing large strips of fabric together to get a striped effect, but I'm not sure if that is the most efficient way.

3. Does anyone have any idea what kind of material makes up the collar of the coat? It looks fuzzy to me, but I can't seem to find anything that looks right.

4. I think I have found a few patterns that might work for the coat, but any suggestions are helpful. I'm pretty good at sewing, but not at making my own patterns. I can, however, alter existing patterns to get the results I want.

Those are just some of my main questions about this cosplay. Any suggestions are much appreciated. I could use a lot of help, this will only be my second cosplay if I can pull it off. Thanks!