NYCC Villain Day

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#1 division-ten on 4 years ago

Spetember 20th, 3 PM at Sleep No More. Anyone else going?

It's my 27th birthday that day too!

#2 eebee on 4 years ago

I wish, but my dad's gonna be in town. :/ Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll leave early enough.

#3 Sapphirecatgirl on 4 years ago

I RSVP'd and hopefully my dad can bring down one of my cosplays so I can go in costume.

#4 Ron Jr on 4 years ago

That weekend I have four troops as Vader so I will be wiped out.

#5 Sapphirecatgirl on 4 years ago

Going as Queen Chrysalis! See everyone there!

#6 Saltpeter on 4 years ago

Oh snap, we're two days apart in age. :o I turned 27 today! Happy impending birthday!

I'm not gonna be there, though. D: