One Piece Cosplayers needed!!

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#1 CrazyArts on 4 years ago

#2 Kaze Saffire on 4 years ago

Just how accurate do you wish for characters to be?

#3 CrazyArts on 4 years ago

We would like the actual costumes to be as show accurate as possible. If they're a bit off, we're not too concerned. We would definitely prefer it to not be, say, a Zoro in a cheap bathrobe, or a Franky in a t-shirt that's printed to have his body on it.

We realize Franky is one heck of a character to tackle though, so even if it's pre-skip Frank, I doubt we'd mind.

Hopefully the attachment just worked, but if it helps, that's our Brook. I'm the Nami in the picture, but I'm being Robin for the group.

#4 Kaze Saffire on 4 years ago

Sorry for the delay of a response. Been busy with work. I'm actually pretty interested in being Zoro. I should have a picture awaiting your approval as soon as possible. If somewhat viable of an outfit, I am aware that I will need a shorter green wig and quite possibly swords if you want me to be exact.

#5 Kaze Saffire on 4 years ago


I'm aware that the lighting is pretty bad. If need be, I'll attempt to try and find a better spot next time.

#6 CrazyArts on 4 years ago

Yaaasss, omg. We'd be more than glad to have you as Zoro! You're definitely attending Sunday?

#7 Kaze Saffire on 4 years ago

Yes indeed! Buying a ticket from a friend once he gets it in the mail.

#8 CrazyArts on 4 years ago

Fantastic! If you search "NYCC 2014 One Piece Group" on facebook, you should be able to find our group and request to be added. :]

#9 CrazyArts on 4 years ago

Still looking for a Franky, and we're still open for various other characters!