ConBravo! 2015 - Important Dates & Details

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#1 HidoshiNobunaga on 4 years ago

Hey folks, this will serve as our official "ConBravo! 2015" thread. If you have questions about the festival or suggestions, this is where to post them.

July 24-26th 2015

Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen's
Sheraton Hamilton Hotel

Indie video, cosplay, gaming, graphic novels, etc. We're a multi-genre show with a focus on independent creators (that means YOU, cosplayers and comic creators) and gaming (that means YOU, DMs, indie devs, and LARPers).

It's our 6th year and we're expecting between 4500-5000 attendees. Our guest list is slowly forming and currently includes Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy), Jared Knabenbauer (ProJared/Normal Boots), Phelan Proteous (Phelous/Channel Awesome), Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa/Channel Awesome), PawDugan (Channel Awesome), and Elisa Hansen (Maven of the Eventide/Channel Awesome).

In the past, we've hosted JonTron, the Nostalgia Critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd, Mark Meer, Mara Wilson, Spoony, Angry Joe, The Super Best Friends Play, The Runaway Guys, VickyBunnyAngel, Kudrel, MeltingMirror, and tons of other greats.

We'll be running registration in three batches:

1. Earlybird Pre-Registration - $35 (starts Jan 23rd)
2. Regular Pre-Registration - $40
3. At-Door Registration - $50

There will also be additional items like a ClubBravo! Supporter Pass ($100, includes goodies and discounts), t-shirts, and other neat stuff coming down the pipe. Some of the info is already up on [URL=""][/URL], some stuff TBA.

#2 HidoshiNobunaga on 4 years ago

Our attendee rate at the [URL=""]Sheraton Hamilton Hotel[/URL] is now open! The Sheraton is our primary official hotel and connected to the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen's via skybridge, plus it's home to tons of our programming in its second floor and basement ballrooms.

#3 jackalope on 4 years ago

Awesome. It may be early, but I had such an amazing time at ConBravo last year. I'm very hyped about it for 2015. It was my favorite con of the year in 2014, after all. The environment was awesome and so was the venue.

I do have one concern. Last year the line to even for pre-reg was honestly outlandish. It was as bad as an overrun states con. We waited over three hours in line, something that wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't pre-reg, I guess. Is there anything being setup to avoid this happening this year? Just so I know whether or not to show up way earlier than planned.

#4 ShinobiXikyu on 4 years ago

Will probably never get this answered since the forums are dying here, but, does ConBravo offer a discount rate for the Crowne Plaza nearby? Sheraton's booked up (and I hate Sheraton hotels anyway) and those Homewood suites or w/e are WAY too expensive. The Crowne's still a bit much for me without a discount, especially since I applied as an artist and I'm trying to make a profit when I go (And I have to pay for the whole hotel...)

#5 HidoshiNobunaga on 4 years ago

Hey Shinobi, yes, we have a Crowne discount now up on the website.