Tokyo Ghoul <Ken Kaneki> Critic please!

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#1 Yamada94 on 5 years ago

Hello guys! im from singapore and started photography last year! please do critic my photos on this series character would be Ken Kaneki!


#2 jeproxshots on 5 years ago

I love the photo and the lighting is great however, a few things take away from the image. The blurry left arm is really distracting especially when combined with the bright lighting on it a smaller aperture/sharpened image may fix this. Part of me feels like the focal point is on the hair rather than the eyes. adjusting focal point/smaller aperture or a postproduction sharpening of the eyes may fix this. The bottom half of the image is just black/black shirt and takes away from the over all balance of the framing of the photo, this combined with nothing but a handcuff chain contrasting the black going away from the face leads my eyes off the photo making me disinterested in the subject. I would suggest landscape cropping from the upper middle of the handcuff brace to the top middle of the head, this should allow for lining the eyes, the light flare the mouth and hands with the rule of thirds cross points. Note i did this cropping in windows paint so its not exactly where i would place it but pretty close, maybe a littler higher.


#3 Yamada94 on 5 years ago


Thank you for your wonderful comment! i really appreciate every one of anyone's critic so as to improve myself!

i understand you point as i set my Aperature quite low, as for the eye part i actually just painted black on it, thats why it looks abit weird >