Hulkling Green makeup

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#1 Braithcakes on 4 years ago

Hey there. so I'm in the midst of making Wiccan from the young avengers, and I haven't found a hulkling yet...but WHEN I DO! I was wondering what would be some good products to turn his skin green and reduce it whiping off on me and others?

I usually use ben nye cream foundations for nearly everything, along with a myriad of powders....but even with powder sealing and setting spray, that makeup will whipe off if rubbed at all and I would really like to not get any green on my costume.

Any tips/tricks?

#2 Floating World on 4 years ago

You get a lot of hits if you Google how they do Elphaba's green make up in Wicked. I assume that durability and not ruining costumes is a high priority for them!

BTW I absolutely love Wiccan and also Klarion so I hope you post lots of pics when you get those cosplays together.