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#1 bashfulbunny on 4 years ago

Calling all idols, composers, and fans! The panelists for the Uta no Prince-sama Interactive Panel would like to host a meetup/photoshoot for all fans of the series! Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there!

[B]GATHERING TIME: Friday October 31, 2014 @ 5pm
LOCATION: RENCEN FITNESS WALL. Located on Level A of the Renaissance Center, near the Wintergarden, behind the east escalator.[/B]
The Official Photoshoot is listed as starting at 4:30pm at Photoshoot Area 1 (Atrium-level 100) in Cobo Arena. We're going to gather the people from this location and bring them to the Fitness Wall--feel free to meet us in either location.

Unofficial official photos will be taken by one of the panelists, and will be shared (somehow) afterward. Feel free to take your own pictures too!

Additionally, the Interactive Panel is scheduled for Saturday at noon. and there may be time following the panel for a second gathering. However, keep in mind that some of the panelists have other events to attend and may not be able to hang around for long.

I'll try to keep this thread updated, but for best results, RSVP to this Facebook event: [url]https://www.facebook.com/events/1552289041656794/?ref=4[/url]

(I'm cosplaying Ranmaru Kurosaki, and we'll have a nearly complete group there!)


#2 chrono4281 on 4 years ago


#3 bashfulbunny on 4 years ago


You're doing Ringo? That's awesome!

#4 bashfulbunny on 4 years ago

This was posted in the Youmacon FB group, and is going to be the official photoshoot list that'll be in the program:
[code]Official Youmacon Photoshoot List (maps to be added at a later date)-
***Please keep in mind that this is the official schedule, but you may use this as simple meet-up times, We will not advertise any alternate locations for these photoshoots.***

We have THREE locations and they are all in COBO HALL!
Photoshoot Area 1 (Atrium-level 100)
Photoshoot Area 2 (Portside Ballroom Hallway- level 200)
Photoshoot Area 3 (TVS Studio Hallway- level 100)

* Photoshoot Area 1 (Atrium- level 100)-
. 4:30PM- 6PM~ Attack on Titan/ Naruto/ Uta No Prince-Sama[/code]
We've decided to change our event time to accommodate the official photoshoot listing. The hope is that people who haven't seen this event are more likely to come to the shoot listed in the program.

HOWEVER, we'd still like to do the shoot at the Ren Cen Fitness Wall, especially if UtaPri is at the same time as Naruto and SNK--we'd totally be lost in the shuffle of those enormous fandoms.

SO, those people who have seen this and happen to be at the Ren Cen can meet us at the Fitness Wall at 4:30-5ish. We'll have people in both places, and we'll bring everybody from Cobo to the Ren Cen for the photoshoot, which will hopefully get started at 5, to allow for travel time.

The scheduling and timing is still a little bit up in the air because of the panel. In a perfect world, the official photoshoot and the panel won't overlap and everything will be dandy. If they do happen to overlap, we'll do our photoshoot after the panel as initially planned.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, but Youmacon scheduling has made this very inconvenient for us to plan as well!

#5 bashfulbunny on 4 years ago

Updated the OP! None of the information is really changing, I just wanted to let everyone know that our UtaPri Interactive Panel has been approved for Saturday at noon! owo

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