'16 Steins;Gate Cosplayers

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#1 JGZinv on 3 years ago

I'm bringing a party of folks up to the con and we're doing several Steins;Gate cosplays for 2016. (Science!)

So if anyone would interested in tagging along, or catch us, feel free to PM me or leave a reply. We're not looking to do a photoshoot, just usual con stuff. Surely there will be a lot of Steins players floating about.


Okabe Rintaro (Kyouma Hououin)
Lab coat ver. Kurisu
Itaru / Daru
Mr. Braun

Tried to get a Suzuha, Faris, and Moeka, unfortunately that fell through.

#2 JGZinv on 3 years ago

We got a Stein Gate 0 cosplayer as well!

Looking forward to everyone at the con, even though it'll be under construction.

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