Need help on picking champion. (League of legends)

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#1 ajil on 5 years ago

Hi. Hope this is under the right forum.

I want to do a cosplay based on the league of legends champions. And its probebly not a suggestion - so, think its fine under here. I would like some help on picking one of the following champions as my first one (going to do the others later):

1) Twitch (one of his skins)

My goal at least for the future would be to make Twitch's VU splash art. (can be found on lolking's page). As for now I think about going more for one of his skins as they doesn't require a full fursuit which seems easier atm as I have no knowledge on how to do them either.

What I have to work with:
-Money restrictions (can only buy few things at a time) , but most likely not able to commision atm.
-no time limit
-have sewing machine /knowledge on how to use it. However- insecure when it comes to using right type of seam.
-Can use pattern, but unsure on how to alter it to fit better.
-Never worked with fursuit before.
-Done research on: fursuit; parts, armour, weapons.