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#1 lilabee81 on 4 years ago

So I've not been to A-Kon before...From what I can tell parking if you are not staying at the Anatole or a nearby hotel is bad. Does anyone have any recommendations for parking? I know that the Antole has a free parking lot but I heard it can fill up pretty fast.

#2 ThakYuki on 4 years ago

The Anatole DOES NOT have a free parking lot. There should be a parking map coming up in the next few months.

#3 lilabee81 on 4 years ago

Good to know! Thanks for the info I'll be keeping an eye out for the parking map then.

#4 Sinnocent on 4 years ago

Not only does A-Kon NOT have a free parking lot, but they are also NOT providing a con discount for the parking fees. So you will have to pay $20.54 (after tax) for EACH DAY that you are there. However that price covers you for all day, no matter how many times you leave and return.