Star Wars Cosplay

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#1 Jaynun on 4 years ago

I can not wait to start on my Sith costume in time for the new star wars movie The Force Awakens this December [Yes I am going to wear it to the premiere.]. I will post a pic of my costume also. :cool:

#2 Padmik on 4 years ago

That's awesome! I'm getting some strong urges to cosplay Rey. Really love her design. I've been stalking the replica forums to see if anyone's done any work on BB8 too because that is hands down the cutest robot I have ever seen (even cuter than Wall-E and I love that robot).

#3 Ron Jr on 4 years ago

Visit the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion forums. Tons of information on SW costumes and you can also help your local charities. And yes I will be at the theater in full Vader costume for the premiere showing


#4 Jaynun on 4 years ago

I have to agree about BB8. At first I did not like the design of him but the more I have watched the more he has grown on me [Yes I am man enough to admit he is adorable, lol.]. I have decided to change my Star Wars cosplay concept from Sith to Grey Jedi or Dark Jedi [There is no Darkside or Lightside, only the Force to bent to my will.]. Plus I want to have a green lightsaber but not be from the Jedi Order. :cool:

#5 Blood_Sword on 4 years ago

I'm working at the cinema in town and me and my brother (who also works at the cinema) just sewed together some Jedi robes so that we can dress up for the premiere of The Force Awakens! :D
If anyone's interested I wrote a blog post about how I made the Jedi robe, feel free to check it out here! [URL=""][/URL]

#6 Cameron1138 on 4 years ago

I'm feeling tempted to cosplay Kylo Ren or Poe Dameron (probably in the outfit he wore in the beginning of the movie, since I don't want to try to make the flight suit).

#7 pyjamalion on 4 years ago

I've been eyeing Rey ever since I saw the movie, hopefully if I do cosplay as her, I can make her (a smaller version of) staff.

#8 ashely on 4 years ago

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is super awesome movie!!!!

#9 fox17hp on 4 years ago

Omg Star Wars!!!
Episode VII was so good, I can't wait for the next one.
Currently I'm working on a Kylo Ren for now, but probably afterwards I'll do either Rey or just a Jedi outfit.

#10 roseandzippin on 4 years ago

I am in no way insinuating that I want a baby right now, because I'm too young and definitely do not. THAT SAID, if I had a baby, there is no way he wouldn't make it to the next con without being forced to cosplay BB8. XD

#11 Miss_Wraith on 4 years ago

Episode VII made me want to cosplay everything SW. Right now I'm working on femAnakin. My nextvictim is femHux and somewhere down the line I'd like to cosplay either Leia's Bespin or Endor outfit. Both?

#12 schmemy on 4 years ago

My Kylo's approx 80% done and it's by far the most expensive cosplay I've ever made aaaaa. X__X I usually do a crap ton of costumes each year, but I might have to cut it down significantly to balance out how much I've spent just on this one.

#13 Chikkijet on 4 years ago

Bespin Leia is on my list

#14 kandell on 4 years ago

Slowly but surely my Rey is getting there. I got the bulk of the costume put together within a week after the movie came out, but I'm feeling the need to go back and update. I did a mini photoshoot and discovered that the pants are just not going to work. I need to make some from scratch, rather than try to tailor. I need to do a LOT more distressing, too.

My blaster is almost done, and I have files to print pieces for the staff. I'm going to DoSpace on Saturday to print, so I might be able to finish the staff by the end of the weekend, if I'm lucky. The more time passes, the more I want to do her head wrap and goggles and ALL the little details XP

#15 TeaForThought on 4 years ago

I've been steadily working on Kylo Ren after a run in my custom Jedi consular far, so good.

I'm not 100% happy with things like the undershirt and belt, but I'm going to give it a test run at a convention before I try to make any major changes just yet. Over all, it's not terrible so I can live with it although I almost wish I'd just saved up and bought a set from Xcoser.