Orphan Black: Helena Cosplay

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#1 McArtistic on 5 years ago

My sister and I are planning Orphan Black cosplays, and I would like to be Helena. Finding a wig is easy enough (I'm planning on buying Arda's [URL="http://arda-wigs.com/products/merry"]Merry[/URL] in Titanium or Platinum blonde) but the outfit is proving more difficult, which is why I'm asking for help.

I'd like to do the outfit she borrowed from Felix in season two:
This shirt
and these pants.

It has been featured on several websites designed for finding clothes from TV shows, but the links they give redirect to a "We couldn't find that item" page, which I suppose means they no longer sell them anymore.
Does anyone know where I could find the shirt? Finding striped pants shouldn't be much of a problem, but the shirt is proving difficult.

#2 Star Schnauzer on 5 years ago

It might be just me, but the shirt looks like a regular black t-shirt with a stretched out red(i'm a guy so it's red to me) t-shirt on top.

But with Helena I would think if you throw a bunch of things together will look right.

#3 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Mkae sure to hand colour the wig roots with Sharpie and pick that wig.

makeuo wise there giver he red under eye bags and tight line with black liner. Or she wear a smoky eye.

Bronw cowboy boots you could find a cheap pair and to the stictch by hand one them.

The Tshirt you could use an iron on tranfer to print out the house pattern.

The STRIPED SKINNY JEANS are a bit easier to find try ebay. ;)

Her coat is pretty generic looking. It's a cool tone taupe grey shade and wool. Again ebay or thrift store might be your best bet.

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