Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014: Photos/Con Reports/Videos Thread

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#1 guykudo on 5 years ago

Got any convention reports, videos, or pics you want to post from Anime Mid-Atlantic? Then post them here :)

#2 guykudo on 5 years ago

I'll start it off.

[URL=""]Here is a link[/URL] to my general AMA picture gallery.

[URL=""]And here is a link[/URL] to the Fashion Show and Masquerade gallery.

#3 MoF on 5 years ago

I'm waiting to see if something shows up, I don't use FB so I can't peek over there.

I was running around in my Sniper Joe 1.0. I couldn't make it 10 feet without a picture request.

#4 MoF on 5 years ago

Sorry for the double posts. Didn't realize they held back on posts with new accounts.