Looking to be a roommate for the weekend.

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#1 Lurna on 5 years ago

I am traveling quite far, and because of this I would like to save money. I would split the cost of the hotel room how ever it is for the weekend.

I am technically traveling from the 14-19th but I don't mind splitting just for the weekend unless you are staying the same amount of days. message me or post thanks :)

#2 palomo19 on 5 years ago

hi, i am jorge, we are looking for roomies,too. we dont live to far from the convection, but we want to stay the most close possible, but here is the bad thing, we are 3 men, i dont know if you could accept that, but we want only to enojoy the convection, we are going to be respectful persons, with you, i hope that could answer us

#3 Inuyasha_Kun on 5 years ago

I have a room, I am the only one in my room for right now (hopefully there will be more!) to split the cost and enjoy the convention!

#4 zozilla on 4 years ago

Howdy! If you're looking for a room, but they're just WAAAY too pricey, try roomertravel.com It's a website that allows you to buy and sell hotel rooms that cant be refunded, so there are a lot of great deals there where you can find discounted rooms FOR A DISCOUNT!!! You should start by looking at mine ^____^ Hampton Inn and Suites Dallas-Cockrell H [url]https://www.roomertravel.com/rooms/D...d_guests_ages=[/url]

My friend and I won't be able to stay at the hotel anymore, but we also don't wanna be out $$$ soooo hellpp us ouuut and take it off our hands! You can cram as many people as you want in there to split the cost. You won't be able to find this nice of a room at this cost because not only was it purchased months in advanced, but also it was discounted then. The closer we get to Afest the more expensive it'll be to find a room per night!!

Happy hunting!!

P.s. my friend raised a good question. If we aren't able to sell our room on roomer travel would you be interested in splitting the cost with us? we're gonna be there from Saturday-Monday and it costs $171, so your share (if we cant find anyone else to room with us) is $57 We're staying @ a Friend's house (free of course) Friday & maybe you can stay too. It's just a thought. You don't have to stick with us or anything. Also we wanted to double check that you aren't lesbian or cosplaying as any demonic characters Because we're both straightsauce & want to get some sleep x) Anywhoozle let me know! Maybe we can get to know eachother a little before you decide :D

#5 Yukkia on 4 years ago

Hi Inuyasha,
Do you still have the room available? My friend and I are volunteering at the convention and we need to place to stay since our shift doesn't end till 2 in the morning. Would you please message me on my cellphone or email me at xxaznninjaxx at gmail dot com. We are both 17. Cell is 2149136184 It would really be helpful.

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