Osgood (Day of the Doctor)

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#1 lilone on 5 years ago

I want to start a cos of Osgood (Kate Stewart's assistant) from Day of the Doctor. I figure my best bet will be to buy clothes (with the exception of the scarf and maybe the lab coat) and just compile them for her outfit. I'm pretty sure I can track down a suitable blouse and sweater at Goodwill or somewhere similar, but I have no idea where to find green pants like hers. I'm not even 100% sure what style of pants they are. In some shots (ref image 1) they look like corduroy or something but in others (ref image 2) they look like velour track pants. Any suggestions on material or where to shop?

Here are some reference images

#2 jenksotaku on 5 years ago

The trousers look like something I saw at Ann Taylor a while ago. I would bet that it is a velvet.

#3 CelenaSardothen on 5 years ago

I agree. You might be able to find some corduroy ones as well. you should be able to find the lab coat easily too.

#4 lilone on 5 years ago

Thank you both! That's a huge help! And CelenaSardothen, I think I'm better off making the lab coat. With amount of hemming needed for the ones I had at work, I think it'd be easier, that way all the proportions match.

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