Haruko Haruhara

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#1 packingabox on 4 years ago

I'm hoping to be able to cosplay the amazing Haruko (FLCL) soon. Too soon, in fact-I can't find a costume for her to save my life, and it's just a bit too sudden for me to create her outfit. A red bunny girl is next to impossible to find, her nurse outfit is difficult to replicate, and the only sellers I could find are shipping from China, and will take just a shade too long to arrive. Do you have any suggestions for people I could either commission (or just straight up purchase) this costume from, or an easy-to-create pattern for her? Perhaps I'm simply not checking in the correct context, but I am stumped.

(I mean, heck, finding normal yellow contacts is proving to be a feat....)

#2 Skyefrost on 4 years ago

Wrong thread. :(

But hmm....try posting in the commissioner review thread or look around there. :D you might find what you are searching for.


OR if you're trying to make it.


ask in this thread. I think.