Help finding a good 10th doctor wig!

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#1 animejazzi13 on 5 years ago

I'm trying to get together a 10 doctor cosplay and I can NOT find a friggin wig!!! If you guys have any suggestions it would help so so much. It needs to be relatively cheap since we're tight on money. Thanks a bunch!

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#2 supergeekgirl on 5 years ago

A question - do you have a large head or a small head? This is actually important because if you've got a fairly small head (22" or less around), you can wear wigs from China and Korea sold on eBay. I've just ordered four more to test and possibly sell as Tenth Doctor wigs, and I can give a recommendation based on which of those styles best.

I've seen some people using the [URL=""]Jett wig from Arda[/URL], and it may be your best option for a large head, but it's actually much nicer to use a wig already cut for a man across the back and style just the front and sides for the Doctor. Also, the Jett wig might actually have TOO much hair to deal with easily. Most I've seen styled for the Doctor end up too thick. You'd have to thin it.

Oh, and once you've got a wig, you'll need something for sideburns. Some people do crepe hair sideburns, but those take some time to put on. I use cut-down beards made from real hair (which you can buy at a costume shop). Mine are dyed with FW acrylic ink to match my wig.