Is the Anatole Hotel Really Noisy?

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#1 DumDung on 5 years ago

For people who went last year, is this hotel really noisy? I'm a very light sleeper with chronic pain issues that get worse when I haven't slept well. I've tried a lot of ear plugs and they either hurt my ears or don't work well enough for loud people or music. I also have a white noise maker, but it's not loud enough to cover everything. I know people who attend the con will want to save money, so my guess is that a lot of people are going to be crammed into each room. I've read reviews of the Anatole Hilton and many stated that the walls are thin.

Please give me any feedback you have! The rooms are really expensive, and I don't want to spend over $700 (I'm not sharing a room) and then be unable to sleep. I usually go to bed around 2:00 AM and sleep until around 10:00 AM. I've stayed at cheap hotels before without too many problems, but never during a con when everything will be extra crowded. I'd planned to go and just tough it out if I couldn't sleep, but my pain levels have been so bad this week that I don't think I could handle it.

#2 Mehdia on 5 years ago

I didn't have any troubles last year with noise, and I'm a light sleeper as well. We had a room in the tower, but it was a corner room, so we actually were sort of pushed back from the hallway a bit. And I think the people in the room next to us weren't con-goers. But overall, I didn't have any issues. We carry a box fan with us wherever we go too because a lot of the people in my group sleep with one nightly for the noise.

#3 Teseya on 5 years ago

if you don't want to spend the money on the con hotel...the Sharoton across the street is where we stayed last year and it was nice and calm.