Seeking up to six roommates for Megacon 2015 at Hyatt Regency Orlando!

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#16 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

Oh of course. I'll plan for sleeping on the floor, just in case.

And I know my limits. I had 11 hours of sleep at Metro for the whole 3 days. Not intelligent, but it didn't hit me until I got home.

Anyways, the quiet rule is a given. I'll be sure to be courteous, of course... I just might be out super late, like... unholy hours late. I'm glad you know where I'm coming from though.

#17 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Noted! And yeah, it's all good. :)

I'll message you my Paypal email by the way!

#18 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Spot #4 is now CONFIRMED!

Still looking for about 3 more roommates! :)

#19 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

I was just informed by a group of friends that I'm staying in their room. My friend might still decide to room with you guys though, so yeah.

Thanks for all of this, but I think I, myself, am covered.

#20 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Ah, all right

Please forward your friend my info though if it becomes necessary!

If she wants to get in touch, she should do it at the latest the week before Metro, preferably.

#21 mandamanda on 5 years ago

My cousin has decided not to go so we are now back to 3 people (though I will be covering for my cousin's spot's payment for now). Still looking to fill the remaining spots!

#22 mandamanda on 5 years ago

4th spot is now reserved again! Still looking for 1-4 more roommates! :)

#23 mandamanda on 5 years ago

4th spot is now confirmed! Still looking for about 1-4 more roommates!

#24 chinna on 5 years ago

My friend and I still need a room. Just bought tickets so we are confirmed going.

#25 mandamanda on 5 years ago

@chinna For 6 people, the exact total each will be 75.29. I will need payment by Paypal as soon as possible if you both are comfortable with that price! Currently 4 people are staying (including me), meaning you and your friend would make 6. Let me know if you're all right with that and I'll message my paypal email if so! :)

Also, just to say, bed space is currently full, but I don't mind sharing with a third person if you or your friend prefer that! I can ask the other girls using the other bed if they'd mind sharing too. Otherwise, you two will have dibs on any extra chairs or the like (unless you'd prefer the floor), so just let me know!

#26 chinna on 5 years ago

Ok! That sounds great! Let me let her know and see how she wants to do the payments and stuff and I'll get back to you hopefully no later than tomorrow afternoon/evening.

#27 mandamanda on 5 years ago

All right, I'll keep an eye on things and will reply to any messages asap! :)

#28 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Spots five and six are now reserved (for chinna and her friend!)

Only looking for about two more others now! Remember, the price drops to about $56 each if we can find two more! :)