Seeking up to six roommates for Megacon 2015 at Hyatt Regency Orlando!

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#1 mandamanda on 5 years ago

last edit: roommates were found =) topic closed~

#2 mandamanda on 5 years ago

We have another potential person, now!

Still looking for other roomies too!! :D

#3 mandamanda on 5 years ago

We have a fifth potential person now!! :)

Still looking to fill one, maybe two more spots! :D

#4 mandamanda on 5 years ago

due to a dropout, now we're back at 3 potential people.

so, still looking to fill four-five more spots!

also, a new rule re: dropouts has been added, please see the edit near the end of the original post.

#5 dogwitch on 5 years ago

any space left or not?

#6 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Yes!! Still looking for about four-five other female roommates :D

#7 dogwitch on 5 years ago

nvm scored a room from days inn

#8 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Glad you found a room in the end!

Now, all six potential spots are open again due to another drop out. So far, it's still just me and my cousin staying.

So if any other girls are still looking for a room, this one still has plenty of space available!! :)

And remember, it's first come first serve for the beds, so the third and fourth roommates to reserve spots get bed priority for the second bed! :D

#9 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Spot #3 is now CONFIRMED!

Spots #4 and #5 are also now reserved! :)

Still looking for 3 other roommates!!

#10 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

Can I give you guys cash for my payment when I get to the hotel? Or do I need to send you the money before hand?

#11 mandamanda on 5 years ago

Sending the money beforehand by Paypal (at least a week before by now) is required as it'd help make things easier for check-in to have the full amount of money on hand immediately upon arrival, should there be any delays in traffic/travel and the like. :)

Plus, those who confirm their spaces earlier on get dibs on any extra bed space, if it's wanted. (I can ask my cousin if she's comfortable with sharing a bed with a third person, but I have a feeling she'll be all right with it, meaning if she is you won't have to sleep on the floor/chair/etc if you pay in advanced.)

This rule was also put in place to help prevent last minute drop outs so it's mostly for security purposes, hope that makes sense :) (And it's only fair to make sure everyone follows the same rules too)

#12 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

That makes sense. But how much do I owe you for my portion? And how soon ahead do I have to pay?

#13 mandamanda on 5 years ago

You'd be the fifth person staying once the fourth (reserved) has confirmed, which would currently make your payment $90.35 total :)

If your friend stays along with the #4 spot reserve, they'd be spot #6, and then we would each only have to pay $75 total! Also, for any extra money sent in advanced, in the case of more people obtained for the room - it would certainly be refunded in full pre-con so everyone has their funds on hand in time. o/ So say we get a 7th person + should your friend also stay, you'd be refunded the difference in the price for spot #6 - spot #7.

Again, hope that makes sense!! Also, your payment is due a week in advanced before the date of the con :)

Also, please note the refund policy at the bottom of the original post and be absolutely certain you want to stay before you commit! The hotel only allows cancellations for no charge within three days before the reserved date (Friday), should anything such as an emergency happen (hopefully not, but you never know if something could come up.)

#14 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

So do I have to wait until the 4th person confirms? Or can I just send my payment as soon as I can?

Is this making any sense?
If nobody is up to sharing a bed, I'm fine with sleeping on the floor, or couch if there so happens to be one... I won't be doing much sleeping, as I'm a night owl and a party animal when it comes to cons, just so you know... I hope that's not an issue.

#15 mandamanda on 5 years ago

It's making sense! Yes, you can send your payment as soon as you can. :) Again for clarification, currently, you'd owe $90.35.

I don't think there'd be a couch in the room since it's just a standard 2 double beds room, but if there's any chairs or such, you could have that space next.

Also that won't be an issue of course, I myself may also plan to attend late-night panels :) But please know your limits and take care of yourself! We wouldn't want anyone sleep deprived to the point where it affects their health, after all. (Also, if you come back in late or stay up, just please be sure to stay quiet so as to not wake anyone sleeping. This will be one of the other standard rules put in place to make sure everyone gets enough sleep.)