NYCC 2015 photshoot master list

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#1 gamesNgirls on 4 years ago

Hi folks! For those of you that haven't seen this, here is a list of photoshoots at NYCC 2015:

Tumblr link: [URL=""][/URL]

FB link: [URL=""][/URL]

These links should have the same information. The FB link has direct links to the FB groups for each meetup so you can join and set a reminder for yourself. However, I am not sure if people that are not part of the FB group these were created in can view them or not, which is why I included the Tumblr link as well.

This list may not be all-inclusive of every single meetup taking place at NYCC 2015, but it has a bunch of them an can serve as a good resource for anyone that hasn't seen this yet. Please note I am not the creator of either one of these lists, I am just passing this information along to try to get the word out.

If you have any questions or would like a meetup to be added to the lists you can try to contact the people that made these lists.

Hope this helps some people!

#2 division-ten on 4 years ago

Can't access the FB page and want to join those groups.

#3 korranation on 4 years ago


#4 korranation on 4 years ago

Link to an avatar/legend of korra meet up. The date is tentative.

#5 Apocalypticai on 4 years ago

Can someone link me to the RWBY photoshoot group? The FB link doesn't work. Also, any Fallout meetups?