Tuxedo Mask cosplayers: I need some advice on capes

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#1 ZenTheZora on 5 years ago

Hello. I'm not actually a cosplayer myself, but I do need some advice. I'm getting married in febuary and my fiance and I took it into our heads to both wear capes as part of our outfits on the day. She found an off-the-shelf dress that incorporates a cape easily enough. For me, though, it's more of a custom job. We were thinking of a standard kind of three piece suit with a cape attached to the jacket. Since looking into it, it's been pointed out to me that the weight of the cape would pull on the jacket and likely distort the look of it. Then it occurred to me who must presumably have to deal with this: tuxedo mask cosplayers! In picturs of tuxedo mask cosplay I've looked up, this never seems to be an issue. So to anyone here who knows: What's the solution? Do I apply another kind of weight to the front of the jacket or something? Or does this all just not have as much of an effect as I'm expecting? Granted, it may be the solution you use is simply for the cape to be an extremely light material - which wouldn't quite serve, as we'd ideally like the cape's material to perfectly match that of the jacket and pants. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

(I know you have a Tuxedo Mask thread already, [url]http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=276357[/url], but I don't know how you feel about resurrecting old topic here :P)

#2 Mama Austria on 5 years ago

I've been mulling over this problem as well, knowing that the cape would tug the jacket back due to the weight. It's entirely possible that you could use a counterweight system by adding some flat weights in between the shell and lining of your suit jacket in the front to weigh down the jacket. Washers (like the sort you get at a hardware store for bolts!) are possible, and you might actually be able to find apparel weights as well at some speciality tailoring or sewing shops.

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 5 years ago

Hilariously enough, my Tuxedo mask cape had ties. The ties looped under my arms and were tied behind my back. It'll shift around a little (so maybe adding some custom pins on the shoulders to hold the cape exactly where you want would help?), but it was surprisingly effective!

#4 ZenTheZora on 5 years ago

Thanks for the replies! Washers in the lining sounds along the lines of what I was thinking....though StarsCASSiOPEiA's approach with ties is intriguing. I imagine the ties were visible outside the jacket, though, Cass? ...or hmm, did they go inside just through the open front of the jacket, or something? Something like this sounds tempting just because it'd be easier to "undo" and re-use the jacket without the cape in future :P. For the same reason, I've considered having butons added to the shoulders of the jacket and attaching the cape via the buttons, rather than the cape sewn onto the jacket.

#5 Diagnosed on 5 years ago

Oh wow neat that you guys are both gonna have capes :D. And congratulations on getting married!!! Maybe this is a little late and you've found your solution but just in case...

Definitely some kind of harness is in order here. I'm not sure if you could counterweight enough without the weights showing through. (Even if you were to open the jacket lining to put them in - another dubious adventure might I add... lining fabric is one of the easiest to tear by accident with the seam ripper >.>.)

Another option instead of having ties around your upper body is to secure the shoulders of the jacket to the waist of your pants in the front - sort of like suspenders but with very stiff and strong straps instead of stretchy ones... and uh... only on the front side haha. I hope that description makes sense. I think you'd still have to at least hand-sew the straps into the jacket though to ensure it stays stable/secure. Also, make sure the straps are wide enough - basically make them as wide as you can without it feeling/looking in the way as this will help distribute the weight. Finally, you can use actual suspender clips for attaching to your pants. When you aren't wearing the cape and want the jacket to be able to open as you move, you may be able to shove the straps down the sleeves if they aren't too long.

Sadly, I haven't tried this so this is only speculation ^^;;. If you've found a solution that works, do post it!! Inquiring minds and all haha...

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