NYCC Photoshoots 2014

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#1 artisticmonstre on 4 years ago

What kind of Photoshoots/Meetups are going on during this years con, and what days?

Magi (The Labyrinth/Kingdom of Magic) Photoshoot:
Time: Friday and Saturday - 5:15
Place: 4th Floor Lounge

#2 gamesNgirls on 4 years ago

Several shoots were just recently scheduled on FB:

DC Comics


Fighting games

There are gatherings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for each. Check the links for times and location.

#3 hikaru2322 on 4 years ago

I am hosting the League of Legends photoshoot

It's on Friday at 2:00 pm at the Southern Courtyard (are with giant pillars)

#4 division-ten on 4 years ago

Guardians of the Galaxy
3PM Saturday
Location TBD

#5 randomthings123 on 4 years ago

The Assassin's Creed meetup is on Saturday. Gathering begins at 1:45 and the photoshoot starts at 2:00 PM.