AB 2015 stage Ninjas Needed

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#1 Ends Beginning on 4 years ago

Greetings all,

I am here to recurit 2 stage ninjas as I am entering the masquerade and would need the assistance of 2 stealthy ninjas for my skit. I'd prefer 2, but can manage with 1.

Requirements; (these are my requirements not Anime Boston's)
Ninja's must be 18 years or older
Ninja's Must dress in all black
Ninja's must wear their hair in a ponytail if applicable

As a thanks you will get a goodie bag filled with anime themed prizes!

As stage ninjas you'll be tasked with helping to get props on and off stage and well as holding up a prop during part of the skit.

If you know you'll be available and fit my requirements please PM me to find out more.

#2 Ends Beginning on 4 years ago

Ok I see I'll have to tempt you all further. In the goodie bag there will be....
2 DvD
1 Plushie
A handful of random candy and other small prizes

Worth approx. $30!

Also it is confirmed that my Skit is in the Masq so this is a guaranteed chance to get backstage and see some of the participants before they go on stage!

#3 Ends Beginning on 4 years ago

Ok so if the goodie bag of prizes didn't strike your fancy perhaps this will....
I will treat you to a lunch of pizza at the food court before the masquerade and give you a copy of Cosmode's Glamour edition hardcover magazine.

The choice is your the goodie bag or lunch and cosmode!

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