Anime USA 2015 Photos/Videos Thread

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#1 dragonmastr on 3 years ago

At the time of this posting (I say that since it probably needs to be approved by a moderator) I didn't see any existing threads to post con photos and videos so I figured I'd start one.

My hall cosplay photos (I didn't take many since I spent a lot of time hitting up the Cowboy Bebop panels): [url][/url]

My videos which include the Cowboy Bebop panel, full Masquerade contest, and the Man at Arms panel: [url][/url]

And just for kicks my convention report on my blog: [url][/url]

#2 Blitzkrieg1701 on 3 years ago

It's running late (again) but [URL=""]Conventional Wisdom's AUSA 2015 comics[/URL] are finally up!

#3 PandaTeddy on 3 years ago

A few snapshots, almost all from Saturday:
[url= USA 2015] USA 2015[/url]