Post approval: How long?

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#1 bronislav84 on 3 years ago

Hi. Newbie here just legitimately curious.

My first thread outside this section needed approval, I was not really surprised, but posts too?

Is it time based? How long is this going to be? Is it post based? How many posts do I need before the site stops thinking I might be trying to spam? This was not in the FAQs or I am bad at reading.

#2 Admin on 3 years ago

They're usually approved 2-3 times per day, on weekends it can sometimes be a bit slower. I'll go through them right now though.

As for how long - once you hit 10 posts you should be fine.

#3 bronislav84 on 3 years ago

Thank you for explaining before. I thought I might be ok at 5 posts and had really gotten into a thread, but seems 10 really is the case.

Well this is pretty bad. I'm now at 10 posts but a major thread I posted requesting help for cosplay at a convention stuck in the queue. Can I please request one last approval?

#4 HERO HAIR on 3 years ago

Also waiting on approval of several posts. Messaged the Admin. Thanks.

#5 Hi Potion on 3 years ago

I'm also waiting for approval on a few posts. (: I think it's because I linked to a site. Generally, how long does it take for approval? Thank you for your time!

#6 gh19662016 on 3 years ago

I'm waiting on post approvals as well and it's been over a day.

#7 Admin on 3 years ago

Everything should be caught up now.

#8 sketchy-milk on 3 years ago

I've been waiting for post approval for a few days as well ^^

#9 Admin on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=sketchy-milk;5042867]I've been waiting for post approval for a few days as well ^^[/QUOTE]

I'm not showing any waiting on your account, please try posting it again.