First time crossplaying makeup advice MTF

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#1 Anivia on 2 years ago

I'm completely in the dark when it comes to make up i have no idea how to use it or what i need or what to do with it. I went as Kyouko from Madoka once 2 years back didn't do any makeup or anything special for it turned out ok but i want to go and make it look really nice this year. I want to go out as both female and male ranma this year. These are pictures of what i look like and the makeup i already own.
Any advice on what i would need to focus on and help on how to contour and do my eyes as well as any other make up i would need to buy would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.:)

#2 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

First may I just say that you look delightfully androgynous. I have cross played FtM and I found looking at youtube tutorials online very helpful. I was trying to create a sharper look, I have a feeling most beauty make up ideas will help. Good luck.

#3 teenslasher on 2 years ago

Hi! First of all you're really pretty, your eyes are gorgeous! Also apologies ahead of time if this is too late.

Moving onto makeup, you have a lot of the basics that you'll need so that's good. Some things I'd really suggest getting as well, especially to make your makeup last through a con day, is some primer, setting powder, and setting spray. NYX's Photo-Loving Primer (~$13), HD Studio finishing powder (~$10), and matte setting spray (~$8) are all ones I've used and liked. Wet n Wild also has a setting spray (~$2) that works well and their own primers and setting powders with similar price tags, but I can't personally vouch for those. I'm not sure where they sell them in Canada since I'm from Seattle, but here they're at a lot of drugstores. I'd also recommend getting a neutral eyeshadow palette if you don't already have one, and maybe some false lashes for cosplay (they're not as scary as they seem, I promise), but those aren't an essential.

As far as learning techniques goes, YouTube is your best friend. Tutorials are sooo helpful and taught me a lot. Feel free to PM me if there's anything I might be able to help you with. :-)

#4 neozero on 2 years ago

Contour Contour Contour!

Contouring is amazing!