FMA: Barry the Chopper

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#1 Omega Dragon on 4 years ago

[URL=""]Barry the Chopper Costume[/URL]
[URL=""]Reference Pic[/URL]

First off let me thank you for taking the time to look at my costume and give me your feedback on it. I've been working on this costume to tweak it the best that I can. It started out a mess, but at this point is where I think that the costume just needs some minor adjustments. I'll let you be the judge of that. :) The character Barry the Chopper, or Number 66 is from the anime Full Metal Alchemist / Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. You may not be able to see it in the pic but the glove and bracer are two different pieces and skin can show through. I'm going to be getting some black elbow gloves to wear under it to alleviate that issue. The reference pic also seems to have a long cleaver, this changes a bit in the anime, so it is hard to judge the proper length.

Without further ado, please let me know what you think.

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 4 years ago

honestly its pretty damn good

being critical about it, you skipped over the shoulder and arm armours
and id have gone a bit wider on the belts (waist and on the ring on chest)
and a bit longer hair

but despite that its a well done solid barry

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

Barry's gloves in the anime are three-fingered mitts, you might look into doing that for some accuracy. That plus some weathering, rust spots and fraying, and you're golden!

#4 gypsy_girl on 4 years ago

Wow, Barry isn't an easy character to do justice to, but I think you have done an impressive job. The first thing that stuck out for me was how the brown material hangs. In the anime/manga it seems to have more weight than what you have. To me it looks like you have cotton and I'm guessing that he's drawn to be wearing leather of some type. The weight of the material affects the way it hangs.

I agree with KuruttaKanashii that some aging/distressing would give more depth to the effect of the costume.

#5 Omega Dragon on 4 years ago

Thank you all so much for the feedback, I'll see what I can do to improve it before Otakon. =)

#6 SirLulzWorth on 4 years ago

Some pretty good suggestions by the previous posters, weathering does wonders.

Now for the Critque :) Like Dictamnus Albus, said the belts are too thin, I would go almost double the current size. Not sure if in your picture it is covered, but the chest circle should have side straps as well at the shoulder straps, 4 total. In regards to KuruttaKanashii's comment about the gloves, here is a great picture of them, [URL=""]Gloves[/URL]. The smaller knife is very similar to a fillet knife, the one you have in your picture is more like a regular chef's knife.

I like it! You're giving me some ideas for my costume when I start planning for it.