Food Mascot Gathering Thread!

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#1 moonymonster on 3 years ago

Well hello again my dears~! My friend Jaqui asked me to help plan a food mascot gathering (inspired, of course, by smug Wendy). It will be on Day 2, Site 7, 11-12pm! I'm not expecting a lot of people, but it will be fun for anyone who dresses up! Here's how we're going to organize it:

* Group photo (serious)
* Group photo (silly)
* Wendys
* McDonalds
* Burger King
* Starbucks
* Other restaurants (ie Dennys, whoever shows up)
* Wendy roasting other restaurants (you KNOW this one needs to happen)
* Requests
* Final group shot

This honestly should be a pretty short gathering, but I'm hoping that the "requests" part (where you guys tell me what poses you want to do) will get fun and creative shots! See you guys there!

#2 moonymonster on 3 years ago

Facebook event page here! [url][/url]

#3 CS3 on 3 years ago

I want to see this

#4 moonymonster on 3 years ago

Please come!