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#1 juliecaldwell1 on 2 years ago

Cosplayers - What questions and/or pet peeves do you have about Cosplay Photographers? I'm curious about how I, as a Cosplay Photographer can serve you guys better.

#2 brucer007 on 2 years ago

Hmmm…...This seems more like a question for "Ask a Cosplayer".

#3 nathancarter on 2 years ago

My number one pet peeve is when the finished photos from our shoot are not similar in quality/style to the photos in the photographer's portfolio.

#4 WondererBailey on 2 years ago

So, I've been using the title/name "wonderer Bailey" for pretty much everything cosplay/convention related. It's my cosplay name after all, but it's not my real name....etc etc...

I've been tentatively using it as a "photography name" as well (WBailey Photography), but I'm really just not feeling it. I mean, it sounds good but I'm really not satisfied with it. Once in a blue moon I can come up with titles/names that look, sound and fit the subject well, but I'm kind of struggling with this one.

Some people use their names, I don't think my name translates well into a "brand". Coming up with a unique name is like I said, hit or miss.