Photographer Available for ANIMENEXT and CONNECTICON

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#1 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Hey ANEXT! (✿╹◡╹ )ノ

Due to the move to Atlantic City, my attendance this year is somewhat dependent on how many shoots I am able to book. But the good news is, I only need a couple more! So if you're in need of a photographer, please consider [URL=""]Onion Photography[/URL]~

To see my past work, please visit my [URL=""]Flickr[/URL]; rates and availability are listed on the [URL=""]booking form[/URL]. If you are interested, please read the guidelines before filling out the form! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, via PM, through Facebook, or via email at [email][email protected][/email]

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you! :heart:

#2 lexieschrei on 3 years ago

i will be in contact with you :)

#3 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Great! Thanks for letting me know; I'll be on the lookout for something from you. :D

#4 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

I'd love to shoot Casino version of Stocking at AnimeNext

#5 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Ah, that'd be perfect! I don't think they'll allow pictures to be taken inside the casinos, but the decor around the hotels would be a great backdrop for the those versions of Panty and Stocking, for sure!

#6 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

Yes I agree and let's do it!

#7 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Great, I'm glad to hear you want to go for it! c: Please read over and fill out the [URL=""]booking form[/URL] at your earliest convenience, and we'll get your shoot squared away!

#8 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

Sure later today or this weekend! Do you have a Facebook

#9 ohniohn on 3 years ago

[URL=""]Here[/URL]. (:

#10 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Bump to mention that availability is now EXTREMELY LIMITED! If you were hoping to book with me, please fill out the booking form ASAP to ensure yourself a spot!

#11 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Sunday is now completely booked up, but I have added a number of hours to my Saturday availability!