Fanime Hide and Seek event

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#1 Kikaida on 4 years ago

Hi all,
I am organizing an event that is based on the Book and film Logan's Run. Back in the early days of Cons Logan's run was a popular Film . You are born and a red crystal is implanted in the palm of your hand. When you turn 30 it starts to blink and turn clear. Then you are expected to be killed. No one is allowed to be old. If you do not want to die you run leaving the city and trying to make it out alive to Paradise. Well, not so easy. The government have Sandmen. Who hunt and kill runners. In the early days of Cons when things at the con start to and each night they would play a game of Logan's Run. A basic hide and go seek game. But you can only go in the areas of the convention center. Two teams. Runners and Sandmen. It used to be my highlight of the Con each night. I want to form that game at fanime this year. If you want to participate join the group and we can set out all the rules and start the games on Friday night.