Love Live! @ ConBravo 2016

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#1 Karitsa on 3 years ago

Hey everyone!

Man, I haven't been on this forum in so long! I'll also make a Facebook post about this, if anyone is interested...

Anyway, I'll be attending ConBravo 2016 as Hoshizora Rin (seifuku cat version: [url][/url]) and was wondering if any other μ's members will be attending! I think it would be cool if we all met up sometime on Saturday just to hangout, take some photos, and maybe dance to some songs. I'm currently learning Start: Dash!! and know random bits of other songs, hehe.

μ's Music... Start?? <3

#2 sugarybunny on 3 years ago

i have a school uniform ive been procasinating on wearing for months!
maybe ill wear it then~!
ill probably do kotori or hanayo ^w^
would be fun! i dont have many cosplay friends and especially love live friends~